Wine shop

Visit our store and experience all our delicious products! We produce both white wine, red wine and rosé. For this we use the grapes Solaris, Orion, Pinot Noir, Rondo and Bolero. 
In addition to our grape wines, we also produce sparkling wine on berries; strawberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, and gooseberry. 

Since 2005 we have had a distillery and produce various brands of brandy and whisky. 
We have now produced 11 different whiskys, including Denmark's first whisky, a whisky that has been at the bottom of the Baltic Sea for 10 days, as well as 2 whiskys that have been buried in the soil of Bornholm for 4 years. We also produce 2 types of bitters, 2 types of brandy, liqueurs, honningsyp and much more. The selection varies from year to year. 

For only DKK 99. you can buy a wine menu with 6 different of our bestsellers. 

The wine shop is open every day 11-18